Virtual St. Johnsbury Pet Parade: Party Animals!

Everyone loves a party animal. We want to see your pets having a ball!

This year the annual Pet Parade has moved online. The virtual costume contest runs from Monday, May 24 through noon on Friday, June 4.

Submission and voting have concluded for this contest. Congratulations to our winners!

Click the links below to view all submissions, with the entrant who received the most votes winning a customized trophy and major bragging rights.


BEST PARTY PAIR (human/pet team)





The St. Johnsbury Pet Parade is produced by the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, with the support of Friends of Dog Mountain and Owen Davie of Catamount Arts.

In lieu of their annual Bark in the Park fundraiser, please consider supporting the Kingdom Animal Shelter with a charitable donation.

Special thanks to the following business sponsors, who have made this event possible. Thank you!

Additional funding for event promotions was made possible by a Rural Business Development Grant through the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, from USDA Rural Development.

6 thoughts on “Virtual St. Johnsbury Pet Parade: Party Animals!

  1. Tried to upload a video also of Baby dancing to get a treat. Your system would not accept my video so I ended a picture too


    1. Hi Deborah, Thanks so much for letting us know. We fixed the submission form so that videos can be entered now. Please note that videos do need to be uploaded to a platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram before they can be shared here.


  2. I have had 20 co workers who voted for Timber but his vote count has not gone up. I walked them through the voting. Can you tell me what went wrong they used the link I shared.


      1. Still not taking votes I just watched 2 people here at work vote on the contest it says it took their vote the number went up but when the next person voted it didn’t even show the 1st persons vote in the count. I had them vote on the actual page and not through my facebook?? So im thinking this has a bug somewhere in it.


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