Victorian Holiday – Saturday, December 8

St. Johnsbury’s Victorian heritage gives our community a distinctive charm. Buildings and roads that were designed during a period of parasols and horse-and-buggy traffic give our neighborhoods a sense of place. And the enduring legacy of many families who gave back to this community during the Victorian era means that we can enjoy easy access to world-class arts, education and culture. StJ is an unusual combination of small-town access with big-city attractions.

So when it comes to the holiday season, this community can celebrate all things Victorian as a way to transcend time and revel in the gifts that have come to us through the years.

We’re working on a full day of family fun and hope you’ll join this community tradition. Grab a shawl, don a top hat, slip into some britches, or create your own Victorian look — what’s your steampunk style? You don’t have to dress up to be part of the merry festivities that are happening throughout StJ to ring in the holidays.

We’ll be posting a full calendar soon.