Working Lands Survey

We’re listening.

This corner of the world is a special place, and made so by its people and its landscape, both natural and built.  With reverence for our past and an eye toward its future, we can set a path to growth and wellness for our populous and our settled and wild lands in concert.
The St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a WORKING LANDS NEEDS ASSESSMENT.  A needs assessment is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps”, between current conditions and desired conditions, or “wants”.   It involves both collecting data on what is true for you right now, and visioning where you want yourself, and your sector, to be in the future.
Please take the time to complete our brief survey.  Your input is valuable to help us direct our energies accessing resources to meet our collective goals.

Survey closes December 21, 2017.

Click here to complete the survey.