Music in the Hills!

Established by Stephen and Gwen Huneck, Dog Mountain is set on 150 acres on a mountain top location in St. Johnsbury, VT. The grounds are always open to people and their dogs. This unspoiled haven is covered with hiking trails and dog ponds. Dogs are not just welcome here, they are cherished!


Catamount Arts is in the running to bring a live music series to Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury during summer and fall of 2017. The music series would feature ten concerts in ten weeks. But that’s not all: the concerts will be dog-friendly and free of charge for all attendees. To win sponsorship for the series, however, Catamount needs to win an online voting contest.

Sponsored by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, a national foundation dedicated to strengthening the social fabric of America through free live music, Catamount Arts hopes to qualify as one of 15 winning organizations competing in the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards.

The Levitt AMP [Your City] Awards are an exciting matching grant opportunity created by the Levitt Foundation to serve small to mid-sized towns and cities with populations of up to

Catamount Arts is our regional arts center, supporting and presenting visual and performing arts.

400,000. Up to fifteen nonprofits will receive $25,000 each in matching funds to produce their own Levitt AMP Music Series—an outdoor, free concert series featuring a diverse lineup of professional musicians.

Catamount Arts submitted the proposal for St. Johnsbury in partnership with Dog Mountain as the proposed venue. Catamount’s proposal is now posted on the Levitt AMP website for public voting.

A successful campaign for Catamount Arts depends on community participation to get as many online votes as possible to bring the concert series to town. Community support, as measured by the number of online votes received, will be one of the key factors when the Levitt Foundation selects up to 15 winners.

Supporters are asked to register and vote. Online public voting is open now and ends November 21 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

The top 25 finalists will be selected through online public voting. The Levitt Foundation will then review the proposals of these 25 finalists and will select up to 15 Levitt AMP winners, who will be announced on January 5, 2017.

“What a great opportunity for our community,” says Catamount executive director, Jody Fried. “It’s not just free concerts, but a way to support local food vendors, promote Dog Mountain, and bring diverse music to St. Jay.”

“There are a lot of great proposals on the LevittAMP website,” he adds, “but ours is truly unique. When we say family-friendly, we mean the whole family, dogs included.”

Click here to register and vote.