Welcome Casa Aguilera!

We’re so excited to welcome Manny, Zach and the entire Aguilera family to St. Johnsbury. They are working now to open the doors of Casa Aguilera for authentic Mexican flavors on Eastern Ave. You can be part of their success by pledging now to their kickstarter campaign to help them with the equipment they need to serve locally-sourced produce with the warmth of Mexican spices and sunshine!

If you see Manny and Zach working on their restaurant, please take a moment to say hello.

“My name is Manny and I’m Mexican-American, born in Texas, raised in Southern California. My wife, Holly is a native Vermonter and for years tried to convince me to move our family here. It’s been a big adjustment for all of us, but I’ve come to truly love the open land, the farms, and the friendliness of people we meet. One thing I’ve missed though is diversity of culture and being able to go out and eat authentic Mexican food. It’s been a long journey that has led us to this opportunity we have now of opening our own restaurant. We started with a start-up salsa and tortilla chip business in the Upper Valley and are excited that it has led us to this next step. Our whole family will be building the restaurant, but my son Zack and I will be the ones working full time on this venture.”